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Our top local mattress cleaning company provides quality mattress cleaning services in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kemuning, and Selangor, Malaysia. Is the single, queen, or king-size mattresses in your house in need of a good wash to remove stubborn stains?

Do you know that you spend almost 1/4 of your day on the mattress? 

Sleeping is one important part of your life, and you need restful sleep every day. And one crucial part of sleeping is having the most comfortable mattress. This will make sure that you get the best quality of sleep every night. 

A comfortable mattress is not only about its quality, firmness, or material. Ensure the cleanliness so that the mattress is comfortable and free from bed bugs and other allergens. 

Your concerns when it comes to cleaning the mattress are valid because this is not something that most people can DIY on their own effectively because certain mattresses are bulky and heavy, and you will need a professional to lift and clean it to remove allergens, dead human skin flakes, small particles, urine stains, food dirt, insects, bugs, pest in the mattress fibres.

We are a team of professional cleaners in Wangsa Maju, Puchong, and Petaling Jaya, specialising in cleaning mattresses including second hand mattress cleaning. Our team is professionally trained to clean all types of mattress and we are always ready to clean your mattress even with a short notice period. 

We are not just here to clean but our technicians will go beyond the usual cleaning steps in order to maintain the hygiene for your mattress, pillows, bedding and other upholstered furniture at home or for your commercial mattresses and beds at hotels, hospitals and other healthcare centres in KL, Bangsar South, and Taman Bukit Kiara. 

Engaging our service helps keep your family in good health and eliminate germs on your bed that feed on human dead skin, bed bug droppings that may lead to symptoms including rhinitis, sinus infection, itchy eyes, asthma, inflammation and allergies. We aim to leave you with a clean mattress for a good night rest that can help prevent sleep disturbances, breathing problems and allergy issues when you are sound asleep.

Types of mattress cleaning we provide includes: 

  • Mattress dry extraction cleaning

We use special powerful dry extraction equipment to deep clean the mattress carefully.

This deep cleaning process for mattresses includes several thorough steps to ensure that the mattress gets a proper cleaning through several layers of the mattress material. The processes include vacuuming, water steaming cleaning, and drying. 

Steam cleaning the mattress is going to help eliminate all stubborn stains, and debris. The steaming process requires special steaming equipment that gently removes all the stains and dirt from the mattress. 

We ensure quality value added service and deliver the best mattress cleaning results by our experts in Bandar Utama, Klang Valley, and Desa Park City. Our staff are organised and trained to clean client’s mattresses using up-to-date technology and cleaning equipment. Our mattress cleaners in Putra Heights, Jalan Sri Petaling, and Bandar Tun Razak can assist you to eliminate disease-causing microscopic bacteria, moulds, fungi, and odours from your mattress and sofa beds. 

We use non-toxic grade, natural, and environmentally friendly products and mattress cleaning methods that are safe for all humans, especially kids. No solutions, chemicals, or ingredients that are harmful to children are used to eliminate bugs that grow in high moisture and warm mattress surfaces where you lay your head and body on.

Sometimes unexpected incidents happen at home, for example spilling a glass of wine on the mattress which leaves a stubborn stain. Removing the visible wine stains may be tedious and a hassle. 

Our company is the perfect choice for your mattress, sofa, upholstery cleaning in Damansara, Sungai Buloh, and Subang Jaya in times where you need fast fabric cleaning solutions. 

We are often recommended by our past customers to their friends and family members in Wangsa Maju, and Bangi for effective fabric cleaning service for home and office sofas, window seats, carpets, and curtains where you can surely notice the difference before and after. Our team strives to ensure our customers are happy with our mobile mattress cleaning service

If you are looking for a mattress and carpet cleaning company in Sentul, Bukit Tunku, or Kepong, check out our website and call our pro customer service team for more details on our treatment and work. Book an appointment slot and get a FREE new quote today.

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Mattress Material Type

Foam | Latex | Memory Foam | Gel Mattress | Innerspring | Waterbed | Pillow Top, 

Airbed, Latex | Latex Foam | Natural Fiber | Somnigel | Polyfoam Latex Hybrid

Our Mattress Cleaning Service Includes:

Mattress Brand

King Koil


Dream Weaver








” I hired your team to clean the mattresses in my home (for the master bedroom and kids room). Thank you for the professional mattress cleaning service in Bangi. “

Linda Tee

” We called your team for king size mattress cleaning service in Wangsa Maju at our home as it had a weird smell since it was old. We are happy with the cleaning results and will definitely hire your company again in the future. “


” We called your guys to steam clean all the mattresses in our rented apartment before our new tenant moved in. Thank you for the quality mattress cleaning service in Kota Kemuning. “

Encik Faisal

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to deep clean a mattress?

Yes, because deep cleaning a mattress will help remove dead skin cells, and bed bugs that live in your mattress. If a mattress is not properly deep cleaned, it could lead to foul odour, build up of stains and itching of the skin for the person lying on the mattress.

How do professional cleaners clean mattresses?

Professional mattress cleaners always have specific guidelines that they follow to make sure the mattress is properly clean. They would usually start by inspecting the mattress, before deciding on the best cleaning steps to use for the mattress type.

Our professional mattress cleaners in Mont Kiara, Ampang, and Setapak with an effective cleaning system can help to remove dust mites and pests irrespective of the age of your old mattress fibre and bedding.

How should I prepare my mattress for cleaning?

If you hired professional cleaners in Setia Alam, Sungai Buloh, or Kampung Baru to clean your mattress, you basically don’t have to do anything. The professional cleaning team is going to take care of everything for you, and all you have to do is just sit back, relax, and enjoy a clean mattress after they have done.

Will your team remove stains on my mattress?

Yes, our professional cleaning team can remove stains from the top, bottom or sides of your mattress’s surface, including urine, blood, or wine stains using an industrial mattress cleaning machine. Our team will usually do spot testing to make sure they are using the recommended cleaning product and way to remove the stain.

How much does it cost to clean a mattress?

Every mattress is different, and so is the cost to clean them. Our professional cleaning service cost largely depends on a few factors including the number of and size of the mattress, current condition of the mattress to be cleaned and customer’s location.

How long does a mattress take to dry after cleaning?

After each cleaning process, the mattress will be slightly damp. Depending on the size and depth of the mattress, drying time would usually take a minimum of 8 hours.

What happens after I have submitted my enquiry?

Our customer service team will reply to your request within a few working hours to find out more and discuss further about the mattress cleaning service that you require. Subsequently, we will issue you a quotation and an invoice for the mattress cleaning service.

Which areas does your company cover?

Our mattress cleaning service is available in Petaling Jaya, Puchong, Subang Jaya and other locations nearby. Speak to our team to enquire more about the mattress cleaning service that we provide in your area.

I have a special request for the mattress cleaning service, can this be done?

We understand that sometimes our customer have special requests for mattress cleaning service with regards to timing and other matters. In this scenario, you can contact our customer representative team at 017-232-6491 to discuss your mattress cleaning request.

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