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Engaging a curtain steam cleaning service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor is one of the best ways to clean your curtains without using harmful chemicals. 

Curtains are an integral part of Malaysia’s housing used to cover and supplement windows, and filter allergens from entering the house. A steam cleaner can kill most allergens instantly and help in preventing allergies. A dirty curtain may cause serious harm to our body health if left unattended for long periods. Regular curtain cleaning helps to extend the service life of the curtains. 

Our curtain steam cleaning process includes on-site curtain cleaning, steam extraction, fast drying, and stain removal. Our team is using professional equipment and cleaning products which are safe on all curtain types and do not damage the curtain materials.

Benefits of Curtain Steam Cleaning: 

  • Eco-friendly 

Our curtain steam cleaning process cleans your curtain without using harsh chemicals that pollute the environment. It allows you to have clean curtains without compromising on protecting the environment.

  • Convenient 

Using a curtain steam cleaning service will make life easier because there is no need to go through the hassle of taking down your curtains and washing them in a big washing machine. You would not need to think about spending precious time and effort transporting them to a laundry shop. All you would have to do is contact us and we will come and do the steam cleaning for your curtains at your location.

  • Stain removal

By using an effective curtain steam cleaning treatment, most of the stubborn stains in your curtain can be removed which will restore your curtains to their former glorious look. Impress your guests with clean curtains and knowing that you have beautiful stain-free and freshly cleaned home curtains.

  • Easy gentle cleaning on curtain material

By not using harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric, curtain steam cleaning ensures your curtains can stand the test of time for far longer than cleaning curtains in the washing machine.

Why Hire Our Curtain Steam Cleaning Service in KL?

  • Germ-Free and Odour-Free

Steam cleaning your curtain can effectively remove dirt from your home or office curtains. Through this process, your curtains would look clean and smell fresh. Steam cleaning not only removes dirt and grime, but ensures that residual odours and stubborn stains that have been hiding in the curtains over a long period are removed too.

  • Regular deep spring cleaning

It is recommended to steam clean your drapes twice a year or annually. Normal vacuum does not really do the cleaning job thoroughly but only on the surface. A regular deep spring cleaning should be done periodically to prolong the lifespan of your curtain.

  • A clean looking curtain

Steam cleaning can make your curtain look clean. With us, the professional curtain steam cleaning company in KL, you can help clean your curtains thoroughly which helps improve the appearance of the entire room which makes the whole family at home more comfortable. 

  • Prolong the useful life of the curtains

The curtains can be a big investment. In order to extend its life, a regular deep cleaning should be done on a regular basis. When you hire a professional curtain cleaner service to care for the curtains, the curtains will be checked carefully and choose the suitable cleaning solution for you.

Our pro cleaners help customers with steam cleaning their carpet, mattress, sofa, car seats, rug, etc. Keeping your whole house environment clean and smelling fresh is our major priority. Enquire about our use of environmentally-friendly products to professionally clean your curtains. 

For more details of our curtain steam cleaning service and mattress steam cleaning service in Klang Valley, Shah Alam and Bangsar do call or email our team now. 

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” We called your guys for curtain steam cleaning service for all the curtains in our home before Hari Raya this year. Thank you for the good curtain cleaning services for our family’s house. “

Puan Liza

” We hired your team for curtain steam cleaning for our entire office drapes. The service was efficient. Thank you for your service. “

Encik Syamsul

” We engaged your pro team for curtain steam cleaning service for our shop. Thank you for the professional curtains cleaning. “


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I dry clean or steam clean curtains?

It depends on the type of fabrics your curtains are made out of. Steam cleaning works well for most types of fabrics including sheer curtains. You can consult with us if you are unsure on the suitability of your curtains for steam cleaning.

Can curtains be steam clean while they are hanging?

Yes, the curtains are hung during the cleaning process. We can avoid taking them down, transporting them to our location and reinstalling them back. As a result, steam cleaning hanging curtains saves you time and money.

Can you steam clean curtains without taking them down?

Yes, we can steam clean your curtain without taking them down. We can even do cleaning for large sized window curtains which are hanging at a higher level of height. This can prevent accidents that could damage curtains due to uninstalling and reinstalling back curtains.

Do steaming curtains remove smell?

Yes, steaming curtains can help remove unwanted smell on your curtains including smoke odour, grease and oil smell from curtains near the kitchen and other miscellaneous odour and stains on your curtain.

Does steaming curtains help with dust?

Yes, steam cleaning curtains can help to get rid of all kinds of dust. This is because the steam will work in a way through the threads of the fabrics which can remove even fine dust which is stuck deep in the fabric of your curtains.

What happens after I have submitted my enquiry?

Our customer service team will reply to your request within a few working hours to find out more and discuss further about the curtain steam cleaning service that you require. Subsequently, we will issue you a quotation and an invoice for the curtain steam cleaning service.

Which areas does your company cover?

Our curtain steam cleaning service is available in Peninsula Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Ipoh, Johor, Malacca and Penang. Speak to our team to enquire more about the curtain steam cleaning service that we provide in your area.

I have a special request for the curtain steam cleaning service, can this be done?

We understand that sometimes our customer have special requests for curtain steam cleaning service with regards to timing and other matters. In this scenario, you can contact our customer representative team at 017-232-6491 to discuss your curtain steam cleaning request.

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