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We are a company that provide sofa dry cleaning services in Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Selangor using professional equipment and solutions for both residential and commercial area. Dry cleaning your sofa will not only able to maintain the health of your family or workers but also increases the lifespan of your sofa. You may just browse through our available sofa cleaning services and choose your preference time for our service and our servicing team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

When should you dry clean your sofa:

  • When there are stains or spillage – In your home, dust is moved all around along with cooking oils and other air contaminants. As for office, there might be pen ink or coffee spillage on the sofa. Also, certain spot of the leather sofa gets more used than others. For example, the armrests might look more dirty or stained than the rest of the sofa as we tend to have our arms rest on that spot, consistently depositing body oils which accumulate and make the sofa look dirty and stained. This also happens when we rest our legs alongside the front of the sofa. Immediate attention to clean up the stains or spillage with warm water , dish soap and a clean cloth is important to prevent it to become tough stains.
  • If you have kids and pets – When you have kids around the house, spillage, dripping or wetting are normal. They might have spilled some drinks or yogurt on the sofa, leaving fingerprints on the sofa after eating or even wetting the sofa and damage the fabric material. Same issues will also happen if you have pets in the house. There might be pets’ muddy paw prints or pets’ hair or urine. When you noticed all these kinds of stains or wetting, clean the sofa immediately to prevent the stains to become tough. As for urine, you would need to clean and disinfect the sofa immediately to remove the odor and remove stains.
  • Regular basis – A sofa that is being sat on regularly by you, your workers or your pet are very effective in collecting dust, dirt and allergens. It may turn into tough stains or even might lead to health issues such as allergies and respiratory illnesses like asthma. Ideally, you should clean your sofa weekly and regularly vacuum to prevent dust, dirt and allergens from settling on your sofa. A deep cleaning for upholstery or sofa is recommended on a regular basis like every 3 to 6 months depending on the usage of the sofa.

Benefits of the sofa dry cleaning method?

  • Dry cleaning sofa is the best option to preserve delicate upholstery. If you try to sponge away the stains, it the sofa will take longer time to dry up and may have ended up with a ugly brownish rings.
  • Dry cleaning is also great for stain removal and odor removal. It is always good to trust the professional dry cleaner who are experts in removing tough stains and odors.
  • Dry cleaning with an air dry step saves up time as you don’t need to wait for your sofa to dry which might take up to a few hours.
  • It is also easier to handle if using dry clean method with vacuum cleaner as we do not need to rely on the weather to clean the sofa.
  • Tired of cleaning your own fabric sofa? Ask our servicing team for a quote for our basic, protectant and healthy sofa dry cleaning service and using quality cleaning product range. Our professional servicing team will visit you soon!

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” I hired your workers for my condo’s sofa dry cleaning service. Thank you for the speedy and reasonably priced sofa cleaning service. “

Ms Anu

” We called for sofa dry cleaning service for our living room fabric sofa set from your team as it had spills and some stains over the years. We are happy with the cleaning results and will definitely hire your team again in the future for this service. “

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” We needed a sofa dry cleaning service so we called your company to our home in Kepong to clean and make our sofa look like new again. Thank you for the effective sofa dry cleaning service. “


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I have submitted my enquiry?

Our customer service team will reply to your request within a few working hours to find out more and discuss further about the sofa dry cleaning service that you require. Subsequently, we will issue you a quotation and an invoice for the sofa dry cleaning service.

Which areas does your company cover?

Our sofa dry cleaning service is available in Peninsula Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Ipoh, Johor, Malacca and Penang. Speak to our team to enquire more about the sofa dry cleaning service that we provide in your area.

I have a special request for the sofa dry cleaning service, can this be done?

We understand that sometimes our customer have special requests for sofa dry cleaning service with regards to timing and other matters. In this scenario, you can contact our customer representative team at 017-232-6491 to discuss your sofa dry cleaning request.

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