Home Disinfecting as part of MCO Cleaning in KL



During the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s advisable to do home disinfecting as part of MCO cleaning in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. 

The daily or weekly regular cleaning that you did usually is not enough for staying safe during this situation. Houses must be disinfected and sanitized especially if someone in your house has been sick. 

This is because sanitizing and disinfecting normally involve using chemicals to eliminate the bacteria and virus that might bring harm to you while cleaning is not. But don’t get me wrong, cleaning is still an important step to perform before sanitizing or disinfecting the area that you wanted to. 

It’s a matter of time before the Coronavirus starts to affect our daily life since the situation has worsened over the days. This is why disinfectant cleaning is needed and should be performed during this Coronavirus pandemic because:

  • It prevents the spread of viruses and germs by killing it. This is done to minimize the risk of getting infected by the coronavirus.  
  • Areas that are frequently touched by family members such as door knobs, kitchen countertops, tables and chairs at the dining table should be disinfected. Keeping your home sanitized will lower the chance of your loved ones getting affected by the virus and also prevent the spreading of germs and virus by doing your parts.   

You should disinfect your house periodically and not daily. This is because research has shown that long term exposure to chemicals that are contained in the disinfectant will cause adverse effects to the human body. You want to keep your home as safe as possible but don’t want to overdo the disinfect process until it makes your home too uncomfortable to stay due to the strong smell of sanitizer. 

You wouldn’t want your home to smell like a hospital right? However, the disinfect frequency can be increased especially if there are high risk people at home. High risk people refers to the individuals who have weak immunity systems such as elderly parents and recovering cancer patients. Disinfecting the house regularly would be safe since coronavirus tends to affect people without a strong immunity system. When someone in your house is sick, the whole house should be disinfected to prevent the spread of virus.

Our cleaner team specialize in providing disinfecting cleaning services for household and commercial purposes. If you need professionals to disinfect your house or office, we are confident to be your first choice as our rates are affordable. 

The service that we offer is also effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses that poses a threat to you. Our disinfecting service can also include fabric disinfecting processes for mattress, carpet, sofa, and curtains.

If you’ve read this far and are still deciding whether to try out our disinfecting service or not, you’ll only know it after experiencing it yourself. Everybody is trying their best to stay safe during this Coronavirus outbreak, as you can see everyone is wearing a mask outdoors, so you should definitely try out this service for the sake of your loved ones.

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