Tips For Using Disinfectant to Clean Your House and Things



Do you feel like you do not know enough about disinfecting your home and need tips for using disinfectant to clean your house and things especially during this Covid-19 pandemic that is happening in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor?

You need to first know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. You might have a regular cleaning routine which includes removing dust and dirt from your house but disinfection however is a process of killing germs, backteria and prevent the spread of Corona Virus.

Disinfecting is an important process when it comes to not only maintaining the cleanliness of your place but the problem is how intricate the process is to make sure it is done properly. 

Here are some tips for using disinfectant to clean your house and things: 

Using reliable disinfectant products

When choosing a disinfectant, you need to make sure you buy the right product to make sure it effectively kills the germs at your home. Buy your disinfectants products that are from a reliable brand such as Dettol or Clorox. If you feel it’s troublesome to buy a product, you can also make one right at home! You can make a disinfectant spray solution by mixing one tablespoon of bleach and water together. You can use this simple spray to disinfect your home and things. This is a possible alternative which is easier and more cost-saving!

Identify easily exposed surfaces 

Before disinfecting your home regularly, make sure you know which surface you need to disinfect on a very frequent basis. The surfaces you use and touch more such as the kitchen, bathroom, tables and chairs which you spend the most time in. Surfaces that we usually overlook include door handles and knobs should be disinfected as we touch them a lot at home. Not to forget your electronic devices as we spent most of our time using and holding them. Electronics such as a computer, laptop, mobile phones, remotes and switches around your house. 

Disinfect routine 

Another problem with many people is that you do not have a clear routine on when you want to disinfect your home. Usually, we have a clear date and stay fixed to clean our homes. So make sure when you schedule a cleaning day, you include disinfecting your home as well. Cleaning and disinfecting can go hand to hand. When you are done cleaning, you can immediately follow up by disinfecting the area. For example, once you are done sweeping your floor or removing dirt, you follow up by mopping your floor with a disinfectant product to eliminate germs. 

Now that you see how important it is to disinfect your home, do you find it too complicated or time-consuming to do it yourself? 

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