Ways to Clean Every Room in Your Home Using Dettol Spray



Cleaning your home can be very challenging as there are many ways to clean every room in your home using Dettol spray as recommended by our disinfecting cleaner team in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

When you walk into each room, there are different degrees of cleanliness and you will need to improvise on your cleaning methods as it is the furniture and room environment varies. You might wonder, how will you know what to do and clean each of your rooms? Here are some ways and suggestions on how to clean each of the rooms at your home using Dettol spray:

Cleaning your kitchen

The kitchen is the most important area at your home as you use it to cook and prepare your meal there. It is important to maintain the cleanliness of the place and make sure it is disinfected properly. When cleaning your kitchen, you will need no make sure you spray and wipe Dettol spray to common areas such as countertops, food preparation areas, stove or other areas you find important. You spend most of your time cooking at your kitchen, you need to make sure it is clean as your food comes from there. The possibility you of being infected by germs and bacteria is very high. So make sure you keep them clean and hygienic!


Regular cleaning is what we do to a typical bathroom needs, but sometimes it needs a more thorough disinfecting. Apart from just cleaning, you will need to disinfect your surfaces with Use Dettol spray in areas such as toilet surfaces, sink, faucet, tub, handles and the doorknob. This is to ensure that no microorganisms thrive on your bathroom surfaces as it is very easy to happen on a damp and wet surface.

 Living Room

The living room is a common area where everyone uses. In an event of someone visiting your home, they might bring many germs and bacteria to your house so it is important that you are regularly clean and disinfect your living room. It is advisable that you use a microfiber cloth and use it to wipe all hard surfaces such as tables switches, television, remotes and others. Microfiber cloth traps much more dust than cotton, which makes the job faster and easier.  Cleaning made easy for you!

Most importantly, remember to wash hands before and after cleaning using Dettol spray! Now that you know you how important and necessary it is to clean your house, do you think it is too much work? Well don’t worry, you got us as your solution!

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