Using Dettol Disinfectant Spray to Clean Your Home Space



When cleaning we often forget an important element which is disinfecting our household, you should always consider using Dettol disinfectant spray to clean your home space in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor to ensure you wipe all the germs away.

Home is where you should supposedly feel safe and can relax but Corona Virus and other germs that you can’t see might be lurking around your safe place which could make you very anxious while reading this but do not worry, we know exactly how and where you should start when disinfecting your home during this Covid-19 pandemic!

Here is a list for you to take note:

Doorknobs and window handles

One of the places we often overlook almost every time is the doorknobs and window handles. Doorknobs and window handles are the first things we touch when we arrive home and usually before washing our hands! Imagine how many times do you touch these places? Now, imagine how many times you have disinfected them? Obviously, now it is the time to take action and start disinfecting your doorknobs and window handles!

Your home workplace 

We all have computers, keyboards, mouse and other kinds of stuff arranged at our home workplace. Computer appliances like keyboards have hidden germs all around them. You probably never noticed the specks of dust and bits of dirt in between the keys. There is an unimaginable amount of germs hidden inside the keys, more than you could predict! It might even be the host for many types of microorganisms as it has never been cleaned before. 

Kids room and play areas

Our children are the most vulnerable when they are exposed to microorganisms and bacteria. They could easily get infected or fall sick so that is why we need to make sure wherever they spend the most time should always be germ-free. 

Phones, keys and other electronics

Well we all know in this digital era, phones and electronics are essential to our lives but how many of us actually think about disinfecting them? Imagine the places our phones and keys have been since we always bring them together wherever we go. No matter how much you wash your hands, you still cannot get rid of the germs as you are holding them in your hands always! That is why it is very important to disinfect your phones and keys now. 

Clean all hard surfaces

Hard surfaces include so many places in your home. Make sure you disinfect each of them such as tabletops, kitchen countertops, dining table, switches, tables, cabinets and other hard surfaces! This is because these surfaces are the ones we mostly use and touch. 

Kitchen and dining area

The kitchen is where you cook and consume your food and one of the best places microorganisms like to be. Kitchen is the place you should disinfect first because it is where you eat. We usually make sure we clean the surfaces after cooking or eating but we usually overlook how important it is to keep the place disinfected. 

Vehicle interior

To those who use your own vehicle to travel often forget that the interior needs to be cleaned and disinfected. We often clean the exterior part of our vehicle to ensure it looks clean and neat but what about the inside? We spend so many hours travelling, why not make sure the inside of the vehicle is germ-free to ensure it is perfectly safe when we go on a ride. 

Now that you know the areas that you need to disinfect, how will you disinfect them? Here’s a tip, get in touch with us for effective disinfecting cleaning service you could have only imagined. 

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