How To Wash The Living Room Carpet?


Do you know how to wash the living room carpet at your home in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor in an efficient and effective manner?

The living room carpet is decorative, beautiful and cosy in an air-conditioned room. However, the cleaning of carpets is often a headache. How to clean the living room carpet without damaging it? We will introduce the four methods of cleaning the living room carpet.

Carpet fluff accumulate dirt easily. The vacuum cleaner is a great tool for dealing with carpet dust. First use the vacuum cleaner to remove the surface dirt, then do the following.

carpet-cleaning-kuala-lumpurUse dry paper tissues or dry cloth to remove stains from liquids. For stains from coffee, cola or juice, you need to wipe the spilled liquid as soon as possible, then take a dry cloth, soak in some vinegar and wipe it on the stain. This will help remove the stains.

Use warm water and vinegar to remove odor. Add 4 cups of vinegar to same amount of  warm water and soak a cleaning towel in the solution. Wring the towel and use it to wipe the carpet. Then leave the carpet to dry in a ventilated place. Pet’s odor and stale odor of the old carpets can be removed by this method.

wool-carpet-cleaners-kuala-lumpurIt is best to vacuum the carpet once a week. Use a vacuum cleaner which also have tapping and brushing action. These are suitable for carpets with tight piles; Vacuum in the direction of the pile.

Do not use any attachment with sharp teeth or rough edges as these can damage the carpet surface fibers.

After using the carpet for a period of time, change its position so that it wears evenly.

If there is a mane on the carpet, wipe it with a clean towel  that is soaked in hot water. Then comb it straight with a comb and iron it with a wet cloth placed above it. This will restore it to the original condition.

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