How To Detect And Remove Pet Urine Stains From Your Carpet?


All pet owners should know how to detect and remove pet urine stains from carpets or employ the help of a carpet urine stain removal service in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor.

How do you clean the carpet especially from pet urine stains? Naughty dog ​​or cat peeing again?

All you need is a little cleaning and a some manual work.

How do you find or detect fresh and old urine spots?

white-rug-carpet-cleaners-klang-valley1. Buy a medium-sized UV or fluorescent light. The lamp should be long (preferably 30 cm or more). Search in the night or in a completely dark environment. Pet urine spots are not easy to detect, especially those that have been air-dried. You can wait until after dark, or shield all the light in the room, the darker the better. Check your carpet area first and to move to surrounding areas where the urine smell is detected. The area with urine will show up as yellow/green patch. You will be surprised where you can find patches of your pet’s urine. If you can, immediately remove the urine spots on the carpet. Otherwise use some tape to mark the position for cleaning up later.

2. Place a slightly wet towel or paper towel on the area where there is urine, then place some heavy object on top of the towels. The towel will quickly absorb the pet’s fresh urine. If necessary , use a few towels.

cat-stain-carpet3. Wet dry urine spots with water. Wait for about one minute for the water to penetrate the urinary plaque area. Then spray the enzyme-containing detergent above the urinary plaque. Enzyme-containing detergents help break down the residual protein in the urine and removes the urinary odor. Cover area of ​​the urine spots where the detergent is sprayed with a wet towel and place a heavy object on top of the towel and leave it overnight. The next morning remove the towel and the urine spots and odors should have disappeared. Wash or dispose of the used towels that smell of pet urine. If you are using a tissue, make sure it is sealed in a plastic bag and dispose of it as soon as possible.

4. Rent a steam cleaner or hire a professional. The hot steam generated by the rented cleaner will not cause damage to the carpet, after which the water vapor will evaporate. If the area of ​​urine stains is too large, you can also choose to hire a professional cleaner to help you.

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