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Three Tips For Cleaning And Maintenance of Fabric Sofas



Fabric sofas are popular with everyone because of their rich and beautiful colors. There are many different styles and many colors to choose from. Many people have cloth fabric sofas in their living room, but they do not have a good understanding of the correct way to clean them and how to keep them in good and beautiful condition.


Tools and materials required:

Fabric sofa, towel, clean water, vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloth , sofa special cleaning foam, hair dryer


1. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa fabric. The fabric of the sofa is the same as our clothes, so it is easy to suck away surface dust. Therefore, we need to clean the sofa with a vacuum cleaner daily.

2. If there are stains on the sofa fabric, you can use a clean towel, dip it in some water and rub the stain with the wet towel. Then dry the wet fabric by blowing the wet patch with a hair dryer set to heating mode.

3. You can use the special cleaning foam in the fabric of the sofa to clean up. When fabric sofas are manufactured, the fabric of the sofa will be cleaned with the special cleaning foam, and then packaged and transported to the buyer’s house. So when the sofa is first delivered to your home, you can smell the fresh scent of cleansing foam. Knowing this, you can use the presence of this foam in the initial cleaning process of your sofa.

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