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Car Seat Cleaning



Many people buy cars with expensive leather seats because they like the high-end and luxurious look. The leather seats are in contact with the human body every day, it picks up grease, sweat, dust and other stains. Others choose cloth seats which are relatively cheaper but these seat materials stain easily and are difficult to clean.

So, no matter what type of car seats you choose, you should learn how to we maintain them?

To clean cloth or fabric seats you will need to use a portable vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and small pieces of dirt. If there are dust or dirt has adhered to the fabric or flannel and it is difficult to remove it directly with a vacuum cleaner, brush it with a soft brush and then use the vacuum cleaner.

Then spray a small amount of detergent onto a fiber wash towel and wipe the surface of the fabric seat with the semi-wet cloth. After wiping, use a hand-held vacuum cleaner to clean the seat again to help the seat fabric dry out faster. If you still find stubborn dirt or stains on the seat, spray a small amount of detergent on the stain. After a few minutes, wipe the part with a semi-dry towel. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner to help dry the fabric.

car-seat-cleaning-klang-valleyWhen your car’s leather seats are dirty, wipe the seat surface with a soft dry towel, then spray the leather cleaner evenly. After a few minutes, wipe the seat with a soft dry towel.

Then apply some leather protection wax to the seat’s leather surface. This will soften the leather and add a protective layer on the leather’s surface. You should avoid frequent exposure of the leather seat to direct sun rays as it will lead to the fading or cracking of the leather surface. When such a damage occurs in a leather seat, there is no remedy, but to replace it.

The towel used for cleaning should not be too wet as wet seats can quickly become moldy and deformed. You should also be careful not to get water into the air-bag control module as this will result in component failure and loss of safety protection. So if you accidentally wet the seat, you must dry it as soon as possible!

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