How To Get Rid of Coffee Stains, Milk Stains or Cola Stains?

Carpets are common household items for many homes in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, they are comfortable, soft and nice to touch and hence you might be wondering how to get rid of coffee stains, milk stains or cola stubborn stains from your carpets. 

Carpets provide a feeling of warm to your home however, keeping the carpet clean and looking good can sometimes be a challenging problem.

We all know that the newly formed spots are easier to clean. If found in time, and before the liquid stain dry up, use a clean and dry cotton towel (if you can’t find a dry towel handy, use a napkin or paper towel) and press hard on the spot for a few minutes.

coffee-carpet-stain-removal-serviceWhen most of the liquid stains are absorbed by the towel and the spot is dry, sprinkle dry cleaning powder on the stained area of ​​the carpet, then gently brush it with a soft brush until the spots are removed. If it is still not quite clean, you can repeat the process using more dry cleaning powder until the spots are removed.

If the stains have dried. It is necessary to use a strong liquid detergent. Pour a little detergent on the towel, and then wipe the spots back and forth from different directions. This  allows the spots to be effectively transferred to a clean towel. Repeat until the surface of the carpet is clean. Finish of by wiping the affected area with a slightly damp towel.

Both of the above methods are small cheats for stain removal on carpets. We hope it will help you keep your carpets clean of coffee, milk stains and spots of cola stains that often appear on your carpets.

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