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How To Clean The Office Carpet?


Vacuuming is the most basic job of carpet maintenance and must be done every day. It is best to vacuum the carpet twice a day. In carpets made from wool, a small amount of loose or floating wool fibres is normal in the new carpet. After about one month of vacuum cleaning, these loose fibres are eventually removed.

Daily vacuum cleaning should be carried out using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating pile vibrator. The vibrator typically includes one or more brush strips that are more effective in removing dust from surfaces or deep inside the carpet.

The carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed every day from the first day of use, Do not delay the vacuum cleaning to tomorrow or next week, for once the dust sinks deep into the carpet, it will be difficult to remove.

Regular cleaning of carpets can restore the original appearance of the carpet and extend its service life.There are two basic methods of carpet cleaning, one is dry cleaning and the other is wet cleaning. No matter which method is used to wash the carpet, it is best suited for professionals who are well-trained.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

There are two ways to dry clean carpets:

Foam dry carpet cleaning

This is the most common carpet cleaning method for commercial carpet cleaning. The foam dry cleaning machine uses a rotating brush and an a wet vacuum nozzle to spray a large amount of detergent onto the carpet pile. Under the action of the rolling brush, the detergent gets into the piles and cleans it. Vacuum suction is then applied to remove the washing foam and the dust and dirt released by the foam.

Dry solvent extraction and removal method for office carpet cleaning

wool-carpet-cleaners-kuala-lumpurIn this method a mixture of solvent, emulsifier, water and detergent is sprayed on the surface of the carpet by manual or dispensing container, and brushed into the carpet pile.

Then the carpet is spun-dry for 30 minutes to remove all the solvent, dissolved dirt and dust.

The dry cleaning method is surface cleaning and it can effectively restore the surface of the carpet. However, to remove the dirt hidden deep in the carpet, it must be thoroughly cleaned using the wet wash process.

Wet wash carpet cleaning

When the oil stains and other viscous substances of the carpet are obviously concentrated, and the accumulation of dust and dirt has affected the color of the carpet and the elastic property of the carpet pile. The carpet should be wet-washed, that is, thoroughly cleaned. This is done by professional carpet deep cleaning companies such as ours which has the equipment, specialised carpet cleaning detergents and expertise to perform this type of carpet shampooing and cleaning.

For more details on getting an office carpet cleaning service for your organisation or business in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, please contact us for assistance.