How To Clean And Maintain The Leather Sofa?



Are you searching for a sofa upholstery cleaning service in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor or looking for information on how to clean and maintain your leather sofa set?

The leather sofa is a luxury item. It helps to create a warm cosy atmosphere for your house, but can be troublesome to clean. If you use the wrong sofa cleaning method, the sofa material may peel, get discolored or become dull.

Clean daily, preferably once a week. When cleaning, wipe with a cotton cloth dampened with water. Use light pressure. Wipe dry with a dry cloth. If there is dirt on the sofa, clean it with detergent. Repeat until all the dirt is wiped off.

Do not use the concentrated cleaning liquid containing acid or alkali, instead choose a special leather cleaning solution or use normal detergent to clean.

The leather on the sofa is needs to be taken care of like your  skin. Do not allow too much dirt and dust to collect on the surface . If the surface of the leather sofa is dirty , what should you do?

leather-sofa-cleaning-klangCleaning the leather sofa requires rags, toothbrushes, and leather care solutions.

First use a clean cloth and wipe the whole sofa to remove visible surface dust. Then use a soft brush and gently brush the more stubborn dirt. If dirt is difficult to remove, apply some of the special leather cleaning lotion. The leather cleaner has a strong decontamination effect, it removes oil on the sofa surface and prevents bacteria from breeding.

If you want the leather sofa at home to give you  long-lasting service, here what you should do.

Keep your home is ventilated and dry. If the environment in the home is too moist or dry it can cause damage to the leather sofa.

The leather sofa should not be exposed to the sun as this will cause the leather to fade and become softer.

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