How To Remove Bad Smell From a New Leather Sofa




Do you need help on how to remove bad smell from a new leather sofa from our upholstery cleaning experts in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor?

Newly bought leather sofas generally have an odor, which may be formaldehyde or leather grease. In this case, the first thing to do is ventilation. However, this way of removal takes a some time.

Here are some other ways to help you get rid of odor from your new leather sofa sooner:

Use formaldehyde neutralizing solutions
These solutions are available from special pharmacies. They react with formaldehyde to form another stable new substance or absorb formaldehyde under certain conditions. They are easy to use and can be directly applied or sprayed on to the leather surface.

Use activated carbon
This a proven and effective method to absorb the odor of the sofa.  

Use tea water
Overnight tea can can be used to remove the odour from the sofa surface. It is very effective. If you do not want to use tea, scrubbing with a little salt water may also work to remove the odour.

Lemon flavor freshener
This can be sprayed directly on the sofa and it can also be sprayed in the space around the sofa to eliminate the smell.

Wipe with vinegar
If you do not mind the smell of vinegar, you can dilute vinegar with equal portion of water and use this to wipe the sofa surface.

Use plants that purify the air
Some plants like aloe vera and ivy can purify the air and help to remove the odour from the sofa

Tips for maintaining leather sofas

The leather sofa should not be placed in direct sunlight. The rays of the sun raise the temperature of the leather, causing the protectively oil to vapourize, the elasticity to decrease and the leather to crack. Sunlight  also causes the color of the leather to fade.

Clean the sofa surface often and once a month apply some leather maintenance wax.

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