Tips for Cleaning Different Types of Curtain Materials

Here are some tips for cleaning different types of curtain materials by our experts in professional curtain cleaning in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Before cleaning the curtains, first determine the method and cleaning agent according to the type of curtain fabrics. Different curtain type needs different cleaning methods and detergents.

The following describes the cleaning methods for several common curtain types.

Roller Curtain Cleaning

Pull down the curtain and scrub with a damp cloth. The roller is usually hollow, and can be cleaned with a feather duster.

Velvet Curtain Cleaning

Firstly, the curtains should be removed and immersed in a neutral or alkaline special cleaning agent. The stains on the surface of the curtains should be gently removed by hand. After washing, put them on a slanted shelf to allow to drip dry.

Canvas or Linen Curtains Cleaning

Use a sponge to moisten with some warm water or a mixture of soap solution or ammonia solution, and then roll it up after drying. This method saves time and effort and works well.

Electrostatic Flocking Curtain CleaningElectrostatic-flocking-curtain-cleaning

This kind of curtain should not be soaked in the water for washing or brushing. Just use a cotton yarn to rub a small amount of alcohol or gasoline and gently wipe it. If the flannel is too wet, do not twist it hard to avoid breaking the flock and damaging the decorative pattern. You can wipe with a dry cloth to remove moisture or let it dry naturally to maintain the original appearance of flocking.

Austrian Lace Window Curtains Cleaning

Use a clothes vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the lace, then gently sweep it with a soft feather brush, but be careful not to break or damage the decorative lace.

Clean Curtains Made of Ordinary Fabrics

These types can be wiped with a damp cloth or gently washed in clean water or in a washing machine.

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