Three Ways To Make Your Sofa Clean As New




In this article, we share some practical 3 ways to make your sofa clean as new as adviced by our fabric and leather sofa cleaners in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

If the sofa has been used for a long time, it collects some dirt and dust. The sofa must be cleaned regularly and the dirt on sofa surface removed or it will harden and breed bacteria.

Non-detachable sofa fabric

leather-sofa-cleaning-klangTo clean the non-removable cloth fabric, use a foam type professional cleaner.  Spray some foam on a clean white cloth and wipe it repeatedly on the stain until the stain comes off, and then let it dry naturally. To avoid leaving a mark, smear from the periphery of the stain. This method to remove stains is suitable for common sofa fabrics such as polyester acrylic.

Do not scrub with plenty of water as water seeping into the inner layer of the sofa will cause the frame to be damp and deformed. Some type of fabric can shrink after drying, thus affecting the appearance and service life of the sofa.

Removable and washable sofa cover

sofa-red-wine-removal-service-petaling-jayaIf the sofa cover is removable and washable, just remove the outer cover, pat gently to shake off  the dust, and then wash it according to the manufacturer’s recommended method. Do not expose to the sun when drying to avoid the cloth turning hard or shrinkage. The best way is hang them in an airy place till semi-dry, and then iron with a clothes iron.

Leather sofa fabric

Use a a good commercial leather cleaner and conditioner kit. First wipe away any dust with a soft cotton cloth, then gently wipe the stain with a the leather cleaner until it is clean. Leave it to dry it and apply the conditioner.

Avoid any alkaline cleaning solution as alkalinity will reduce the softness of the leather and cause it to crack. Avoid direct sunlight and keep it ventilated.

Regular care to extend the life of the sofa

Whether it is fabric or leather sofa, it is best to remove the dust by vacuuming regularly. Daily cleaning and maintenance keeps your sofa clean, comfortable, and extends it’s service life.

Do kindly contact our expert cleaners if you are looking for more information on our sofa set cleaning service in Klang Valley and Selangor, Malaysia.