Using Antibacterial Spray to Prevent Virus and Germs at Home



Here are some benefits for using antibacterial spray to prevent viruses and germs at your home in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s always better to disinfect your home from viruses to be safe. We, the professional disinfectant cleaner service provider, are always here with you to fight the coronavirus together. 

We recommend some surface area to clean and disinfect in your home using antibacterial spray includes:

  • The whole living room since it’s a public area for all the family members, that’s why it’s necessary to disinfect that area to ensure safety for the whole family. Family members that are returned from outside are recommended to be sprayed with antibacterial spray before entering the house.
  • Hard surfaces such as floor and windows to keep your home free from any harmful microorganisms. Floors can be mopped with antibacterial floor cleaner to leave a fresh smell on top of removing most types of germs.
  • Tables and chairs will be needed to disinfect too because the bacteria might be going into your body while eating if it’s not disinfected. Wash your hands before and after you eat to be more hygiene during this period.

There are some other alternatives that can be used to sanitize and disinfect your home except antibacterial spray:

  • DIY Antibacterial liquid can be made using natural ingredients that will kill microorganisms such as vinegar, essential oils, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, etc. Making homemade antibacterial liquid saves your money than buying ready-made ones.
  • Dettol or Lysol sprays can be used to sanitize your home since they’re reputable for safeguard families using their germ protection product. 
  • Antibacterial wet wipes is also another choice for families who didn’t like the strong smell of Dettol and Lysol sprays. It’s designed to be gentle to human’s skin so families can use wet wipes before and after eating for better antibacterial effects.

Please remember to open your windows after you disinfect your home to remove the stale air and allow fresh air to flow into your home. Disinfecting your home is not a must, but a good to have action especially during the Corona virus outbreak to ensure safety of family members.

If you it’s such a hassle to disinfect your home but you still want to disinfect your home, don’t worry as we are here to provide professional disinfecting cleaner service for household purposes. 

We provide quality service at an affordable rate as our disinfectant cleaners are trained professionally before allowing them to serve our clients. 

Some service providers do the opposite by charging expensive part time maid to attempt professional disinfecting service which may prove ineffective. In fact, we think that full time cleaners are always better and reliable because we want to provide dependable services to our customers. 

As long as you engage our disinfectant cleaning service, we will ensure that you’ll be fully satisfied with how our service works to disinfect your household. If you are interested in trying out professional disinfecting cleaner service in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, feel free to contact our customer service team via call or email to book our service now!