Sofa Cleaning Services in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor



Why spend a dime on a new couch to replace old ones when you can hire sofa cleaning services to your location in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor that can help you revamp your old looking sofa into a dazzling refresh set of sofas? 

We offer professional sofa cleaning services in Klang Valley that meet your required standard of cleanliness and will look brand new. You should get your couch clean at least once or twice a year to maintain its appearance for years ahead.

Cleaning your sofa is essential to keep it smelling fresh and free from nasty dust, bacteria, allergens and molds that could harm your family. All the tiny crumbs from food that you had during family gathering might be turning moldy in between cushions and let’s not ignore the fact that pencil and crayons stain your child scribbles on your sofa might be an eyesore to you. Disassembling and reassembling sofa to get it clean will be a crucial process to do if you don’t have enough time to do so.

Our team specializes in cleaning various sofas such as:

– Leather couch

– Ottoman couch

– Fabric sofa set

– Suede sofa set

– Upholstery chairs

Here’s a run-through of our thorough sofa cleaning process – based on sofa material:

Leather Couch – use biodegradable stain remover and leather shine product to maintain the longevity of leather quality

Fabric Sofa – efficient spot cleaning using the best stain remover, using the process of steam extraction with no drying time, no shrinkage and no discolouration

The suede sofa need an expert to clean as the residues and dirt might damage the surface if  left for a long time

Ottoman couch is a tricky one to clean it yourself as it the material varies with delicate cleaning instructions

Upholstery chairs needed details spot treatment, fabric treatment and sanitizing to revamp the look of the old looking chair

Why choose us as your go-to cleaning specialist?

– Our prices are set to be competitive around the area

– Offers satisfying results that will be talking around town

– A locally grown company that start small but progressive

– Flexible scheduling that suits your busy time

– Fast servicing with one-day cleaning service provided

– Trained, certified and experienced team with years in business

– Uses eco-friendly products to reduce chemical waste

– Uses the latest technology and equipment

Prolongs the life of your furniture, sofa, and ottoman by deciding to get a deep clean service which will gain a fresh look as if it is brand new. Although normal vacuuming and wiping can be done yourself, you will never know the dirt and dust that accumulated throughout the year that could breed bacteria and virus. 

We would recommend that you choose us as your sofa set cleaning service provider so that you worry less about the potential outbreak of sickness flowing into your family’s health. Choose a healthier lifestyle free of allergens by getting your sofa and other furniture deep clean by us.

Get yourself a free quotation from us if you are near Kuala Lumpur or Selangor and looking for a sofa cleaning service. Every sofa and furniture need a little pampering sometimes and hiring us would ensure that you have quality results!