Pure Wool Carpet Cleaning and Precautions


Read on to find out more about pure wool carpet cleaning and precautions that every homeowner in Kuala Lumpur, Ampang and Selangor should know of.

A pure wool blanket has a good sound insulation, it attracts dust floating in the air and can effectively improve air quality. It is a home decorative accessory that combines practicality and decoration, but it is very troublesome to clean. Here we share some guidelines on pure wool carpet cleaning methods and precautions to observe.

Pure wool carpet cleaning method

1. Preparation of tools and materials.

We should carefully read the cleaning precautions for pure wool carpets before cleaning. Each piece of pure wool carpet has its own composition and characteristics. If we do not understand the proper cleaning techniques, we may cause unnecessary damage to the carpet, thus affecting the beauty and service life of the carpet. A pair of gloves and a vacuum cleaner should be prepared before cleaning. Have the cleaning agent you will be using ready.

2. Remove dust and dirt

Now it is time to clean the pure wool carpet. The first step is to carry out simple dust removal and decontamination of pure wool carpet. The garbage and dust in the room and floor tends to stick to the carpet. Most of these dirt and dust will be hidden under the pure wool carpet and in the gaps between the wool fibres. When cleaning, we could turn the carpet over and pat it, to loosen and dislodge the dirt that is on the top part of the carpet. If the carpet is stained by coffee stains or fruit stains, we can use some detergent to perform the initial decontamination treatment, so the subsequent cleaning steps should be relatively simple and more effective.

3. Foam cleaning and combing

Next we should foam the pure wool carpet. First dilute the right amount of foam detergent, put the pure wool carpet in the diluted solution for about 5 minutes, then thoroughly scrub it. Pay attention when washing, don’t use too much force to avoid damaging the carpet. The carpet that has just been washed is crumpled, so we need to comb the pure wool carpet before putting it out to dry. This is to maintain the beauty of the wool carpet and to speed up the drying process.

Precautions for cleaning pure wool carpets

1. Do not wipe carpet with a towel. If you use a towel to wipe the carpet, it will affect the service life of the carpet.

2. If you vacuum often . The stains on the carpet can be cleaned with professional carpet cleaning foam and cleaning powder, and please follow the instructions for use.

3. When washing the carpet, do not use too much force.

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