Home Tips: How to Remove Red Wine Stains on Carpets?

Read some home tips on how to remove red wine stains on your carpets by our professional carpet cleaners in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

In the party atmosphere when friends and family members are happy and jovial, sometimes the red wine is accidentally spilled. The red wine will leave stubborn and difficult to remove stains on the your carpet.

You can use white wine to remove red wine stains. This is an effective way to remove red wine stains on light-colored carpets. Pour a little white wine on the carpet and gently pat it dry with paper towels or a piece of dry kitchen cloth. Repeat this a few times.

red-wine-stain-removal-from-carpets-service-petaling-jayaWhite wine removes red wine stains because its light color and alcohol content helps to dilute and break down red wine stains.

Bottled white wine or any leftover white wine you have in the fridge can be used.

When you have poured enough white wine to turn the colour of the red wine into a light pink, immediately use a paper towel or bath towel to absorb the liquid mixture to make it as dry as possible. Repeat this process a few times to get as much of the stain color out from the carpet.

When doing this do not rub on the carpet as this will cause the stains or the red wine color to go deeper into the carpet. After this you can also use a carpet cleaner or a kitchen detergent to remove the last bit of stain, however using white wine is the key.

You should remove the stains immediately after the spill happened. This is because when the stains and red wine color has absorbed into carpet fibers and dried out, the stains will be more difficult to remove.

Soda water may work If you do not have white wine, use the unsweetened soda water drink in you refrigerator. The carbonated water will dilute the stains and allow you to remove the color of the red wine. So it is best to have some white wine or soda water at home – just in case.

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